Monday, July 10, 2006

One challenges after another

Aiyo!!! I really feel that this week will not be very good for me. Sometimes I really feel very gankor in this nursing line!! Fear of not been able to make it for my assessments - Urinalysis, blood glucose monitoring and esp. venepuncuture&cannulation. I really feel very uncomfortable learning new skills cos everytime need to find time to practise and practise. In school have plenty of time but in the ward itself, is there enough time for me to practise within a month? And my test is coming up in a month time. August! There are so many fears in working as a nurse. Fear of failing the test, fear of failing JCI thingy and fear of provision extension. Tmr still must take case. IR really don't like to take case. cos i hv to pass report. ppl's legal documents u know!! BUUUUUTTT!!!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS I COMMAND ALL THE FEARS AND WORRIES TO STAY AWAY FROM ME. cos these fears are not of God, for these negative thoughts telling me tt I cannot make it are all lies. Yes! Lay down all the fears to God because He is control of everything. He is sovereign and the Lord of everytning including me and even my superiors. God can change anybody's hearts including my manager. Yup. Whatever fears I have, give it all to Him for He will take care of everything. Let God take care of it for He is a lot greater than anything. Remember this...... if God can guide me through my 3 yrs in NYP, I believe He will guide me through my 3 yrs bond with SGH. WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. If everyday I focus on my fears and worries, I'm gg to be very miserable. NO!!! No1!NO!!! There is no way Fear and worries are gg to overcome me. I will overcome it with the help of God. He that is in me is greater than ANYTHING tt's in the world. FEar not , God is with me. And there is one verse I'll take home with me. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH!! I must claim these promises. EAsier said than done, but I have to apply it. For this is the real test!!

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