Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have exactly a month to blog!!

Haha......I am free to blog as much as I can so far. THis week is the 1st week of my orientation. Pretty fun though. It's something good for me to recap and catch up b4 I actually start work. Hmmmm......1st wk in SGH, not bad. Today I've learnt about pain management. How to assess PAIN. wow interesting, but I hope I'll know how to apply what I've learnt. I need the Lord to help me!! THis week is pretty relaxing. This Saturday will be a start of my clinical practise in the ward. Thank God it's half day and I have an off day on Sunday so I can go to church and see my friends in MHI!! yey!!!!!! I'm so happy I have a chance to be off for a day and a half!! Better than nothing.
Ok I need to enjoy the job God has given me. Everyday, He has shown me different things in the bible. I feel like reading more since I have time or should I read about pharmacology 1st? Hmmmm I know. I'll read pharmacology till about 1015 then I'll read another chapter of Genesis. It is very exciting to see how God works in different people's life. I believe He works in mine too!! Ja ne!! Will blog again another time!!

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