Saturday, May 03, 2008

What have I learnt about missions

Just in case u don't know, I don't normally blog at blogspot. Usually my blog is found at multiply.

If u want to, I can send u. Now my home computer is down so I can only blog at blogspot in my office cos it's the only recognised blog here.

Basically thru this trip. God has changed my perception on what worship is about.Worship is not all about singing songs, playing guitar and dancing. It is a continuous process.

I learnt a lot about being a true worshipper of Christ in Romans 12:1 -2.

We need to lay down lordships and personal rights before God and use our time we normally use ( usually the time I play computer games and watch TV) to spend time with God

What is the Issac have I held back? Ask God to search our hearts and surrender that to Him? My Issac may not be a son. It can be anything that surpasses God.

After that, we need to allow God to enter into our lives and change the way we think and behave to be more Christlike. We need to pray. No matter how good or bad our circumstances may be, we need to constantly give thanks and praise God. Only God can satisfy ur needs. Man may fail me but God will never fail me.He is my best friend. He loves me as who I am. It doesn't matter what I do.I hope tt God will always be my desire. Let's press on in prayer!!! ya?alright!!

I really hope that this year will be different year for me. Work over here is not easy. How I wish I could go back to student life. BUT..... NO I can't be drinking milk all the time. I should learn to take solid food now!!

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