Saturday, May 03, 2008

Learning to give thanks in every circumstances

For those who have just read my blogs in 2006,

I was referring to my previous job in nursing. First of all, praise God for allowing me to graduate from Nanyang Poly Nursing. Considering that for so many yrs in student life, I used to be a lazy girl in school. I hated comprehension cos of so many words in the passage. Well, that was in the past! Thank God for showing me what it means to walk by the Spirit. I used to be a naughty girl who rejected God but now I know that He is my Saviour who can move the mountain.

Ppl have been asking if I can graduate how come I can't work as a nurse. I repeat this one more time. BEING A STUDENT AND A STAFF THERE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! It is a vast differenence. Please don't call me nurse anymore!! cos it reminds me of a how

On the first year of nursing, after I graduated, everyday there were ppl scolding me. Fail fail fail!! The patients, the staff. errr.... irritating to think about it even now~~!In the first half year, I was at the orthopaedic trauma ward. This was a place where all the nasty ppl were. Patients with fracture due to accidents go to that ward. I had all the theories in my head but I have problem intergrating them into practise. PPl say keep practising. But tt's not the only reason, u can't force me to practise. If I dont' find out what is the missing problem, no matter how many times I pracitise, I still won't get it! I know the procedure!! It's the doing part.Because I made a lot of mistakes, so the manager threatened to kick me out of the hospital. But thankfully tt's not the case. Cos i'm bonded, I chose to cling on to that painful bond that I signed with SGH otherwise I had to pay.

Thank God that that was not the end of story! I guess thru this painful process, God has been moulding and shaping my character to keep on trusting God. Of course on and off, I have downfalls.

On the 2nd half yr of the first, I really want to thank God for placing me in a wonderful ward. Not cos the work got any easier, but cos I had a good manager. She took me for an appointment to check what was wrong with me. I went to see a Neuro psychologist. I took an IQ test. Well thank God it is within normal range. However, there is a slight deficit in my visual perception. That is not equal to poor eyesight. Basically, I have problem seeing the full picture of everything. I tend to miss out details. My short term visual memory is slightly below average cos I can't remember everything I see. So if you say tt I've poor memory, you are not wrong.

On the other hand, if you say that I have a good memory, you are also not wrong. cos I still had my auditory memory. I can remember things that I hear most. I can even remember what I hear many many yrs ago. Sometimes even in paragraph. Most of the time, I can remember numbers out loud very well. So when ppl I ask me for any kind of numbers, I can tell you straight. No wonder I can remember so many numbers. So ya praise God for this auditory memory which I will bang harder on that so no one can say tt i've poor memory.

I want to praise God for this manager of mine who managed to speak to the director of nursing.Tt's how I got into nursing administration. Still in SGH serving bond. Only thing is I am not a nurse. Which is very rare because most ppl who failed probation got terminated. But God has blessed me abundantly. Now I am secured with a job as an admin staff. However, still did not meet the criteria as an admin assistant.

So I got downgraded to a clerk. I was ashamed of that cos ppl looked down on me. So I hid it from my colleagues. And when my colleague told everyone. Man! that was embarassing. Well, praise God that I finally got confirmed!! So now I am perm staff who got secured with at job.
If I had not been confirmed, I wouldn't be able to go for mission trip this yr. So ya praise God.

So yes learn to count every blessings.

Ecc 12:1 says
Remember your Creator in the days of you youth. Before the days of trouble come and the days approaching (can't remember exactly) when you will say "I find no pleasure in them".

Yup so thank God for mission trip which teaches me to give thanks even more .cos my suffering here is nothing as compared to the Hmong Thais and Laos. So yes give thanks and praise God no matter what

On the 2nd half year, it was much better. Not because the job was any

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