Monday, March 27, 2006


Ok!!!! today is the 1st day of prcp. Something which I am looking forward for it to pass. I really how I can go through this 6 wk and learn as much as possible. Right now I am a bit sleepy to look at my learning guide. Lord!!!! Help me~~ ok 1st wk of posting is a bit senang!! out of these 5 days, 3 of them are orientation. Actually I'll be rather free in the afternoon. Morning throughout this whole 5 days!! wow!! I really pray for a good and responsible preceptor who will be patient with me. Oh man!! one of my classmates is in the same ward as me!! If I am not wrong I think my classmate who is joining me for prcp could be the top student. I won't blog the name down here to protect some privacy. Ok may this be a fruitful time for me to draw near to God. I really hope to see a breakthrough in my life through this posting. This is so wonderful!!

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