Sunday, April 16, 2006

4th wk of prcp tmr

Happy Easter Day!!! hey today's easter sunday! What a joyful time to remember that Christ has risen from the dead!! well sad to say there are many a times when i forget the things He has done cos of work. Hmmmph so fast tmr monday already. Boo.....! I don't like attachment! I want to relax! I really want to play and go for a retreat! Well, in life everybody has 2 work. If not we cannot live in the society. I miss studying. I enjoy listening to lectures. I don't have so much complain in school than at work. Work is very different as I not only have to brush up on my skills, I also have to work with ppl and make friends w them. If not I'll face more alienation at work than a friendly enviroment. Most importantly, Christ has to be the centre of my life.
well I should thank God for the time I can relax for 4 days b4 work. He really is in time for my rest time. God really allowed me to rest so that I can go for Good Friday service and then Easter Sunday service. I get to rest on thursday while everyone else had to work on thurs and have 3 days of break and I have 1 extra day due to public holiday.
Right now my goal is to brush up on my skills. All I need to do is do my best for God's glory and leave the results to Him. As I have told Him b4 I don't care about being the best 5 to remain for 3 yrs in the same ward. The most important thing is to do my best and pass my prcp. If I can get pass this, I thank God already. Really hope to have a good time tmr. Go Steph 3 more wks to hold on to. I'll remember this verse: " I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength" I must claim this promises. Of course I don't just sit there. This means that, when I move, God will help me along. Yes I believe that His grace is sufficient for me and His strength is made perfect when I am weak

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